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“ The Price is great for people who want to start a new site also good for beginners. Also Lots of Space I Personally Recommend the Linux 1&1 Home Package overall it is great for me. ”

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“ I have been with 1&1 Internet Web Hosting for over a year and have found them to be the best hosting provider I've tried. ”

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“ It provides excellent hosting. I have hosted with them on a free account for 2 years, using it for many things and have never had any problems. ”

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1 and 1 Web Hosting Review

Product Overview: 1 and Web Hosting is a service that offers web hosting service and domain name registration to its users. Along with 24x7 customer support, 99.9% server uptime, and a bevy of free marketing vouchers like Microsoft ad center, Google AdWords, Yahoo and Citysearch, 1 and 1 Internet Hosting also provides free private domain name registration services. Users migrating from other web hosting service providers can easily and efficiently transfer their domains because of the user friendly approach followed by 1 and 1. This web host also provides an ecommerce service through which users can easily create professional looking web stores without any coding. With an easy to include PayPal option, advanced eBay features, and free marketing tools, creating web stores becomes very easy. For high end users, 1 and 1 features cost effective servers that are available as dedicated and virtual private server accounts.

Shared website hosting provided by 1 and 1 Internet web host feature’s Linux as well as windows hosting. Having more then 10gb of web space and a monthly data transfer limit of over 300 Gb, even a low end plan from 1 and 1 Internet Host is beneficial for many. With free click-n-build applications, users can create websites, photo galleries, and design and brand their own products. With free firewall protection, GeoTrust dedicated SSL certificates, and te ability to create many email accounts hosting accounts with 1 and 1 provides good value for the money.

Company Info: 1 and 1 Internet Web Hosting is product proffered by 1&1 Internet Ltd. © 2009 1&1 Internet Ltd. All rights reserved.

Company Website: {1 on 1 Hosting}

Product Specifications: 1 and 1 Web Hosting is a web host that offers all services and solutions related to website hosting.

Price: Starting at £1.99 per month.

Return Policy: 90 day money back guarantee.



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