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“Pricing is great. fortunately, the product delivered is a great match to it.”

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“Overall, it is hard to rate this as anything other than perfect. I plan to stay with iPower and their budget hosting as long as they will have me.”

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“The price is sharp. I found that iPower had the top combination of price and service. They do what they need to do to make you happy.”

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Product Overview: IPOWER Hosting hosts over 7,000,000 websites and can easily be called one of the best webhosts in the world. Awarded with numerous awards for its excellent service and innovative approach, IPOWER is a web host that spells quality. Not only does IPOWER provide its users with efficient service, it also gives them value by giving affordable web hosting plans that include various useful features. While new users can get instant help with its 24x7 customer care service, FAQs, and IPOWER community forums, users coming from other web hosts get the added facility of professional assistance with their website transfers to IPOWER. Every account with this web host comes with a customised email address and includes a wide range of do it yourself web site templates.

IPOWER contains various tools and accessories that enable even a novice to easily and efficiently include a wide range of applications like blogs, photo galleries, and forums in their websites. IPOWER, with its 99.9% uptime, high performance servers, Fiberoptic connections, and 24/7 network monitoring presents itself as a reliable solution for users who need their websites to be online- always.

Company Info: This product is being offered by Copyright 2009 IPOWER.

Company Website: {www ipower com; ipower inc com}

Product Specifications: IPOWER is a web-hosting provider that offers affordable hosting plans to its users.

Price: $4.95 per month

Return Policy: 30 day money back guarantee.



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