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JumpLaunch Web Hosting Review

Product Overview: JumpLaunch Web Hosting is an exclusive package that allows its users to obtain maximum benefits and gains for their business. This web hosting application not only helps in setting up a new internet business, but also helps in expanding already established businesses. It features a wide array of excellent packages that offer the users with benefits including unlimited e-mail accounts, e-commerce, free domain name set up, 99.9 percent uptime, FrontPage 2002/2003, $50 yahoo ad credit, $25 Google ad credit, and lots more. All of these features make JumpLaunch web hosting the immediate choice of customers to get a website designed for their businesses.

JumpLaunch Web Hosting can be extremely beneficial for all those who are new to the field of web hosting. Also, it helps existing customers easily and instantly switch to another host if they desire. With benefits like dynamic plug-ins and high quality technical support available round the clock, users can easily satisfy their needs and expand their business activities. What makes this application different from others is its capability to give unlimited domain hosting, GBs of file storage and transfer, and free domain setup accompanied by secure hosting to gain the confidence of its users.

Company Info: JumpLaunch Web Hosting is a product of JumpLaunch, Inc. Copyright 2008-2009 JumpLaunch, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Product Specifications: JumpLaunch Web Hosting is a web based website hosting provide.

Price: $4.95



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